Thursday, November 27, 2014


            I have a bad headache today. It’s really my neck. It’s making me miserable and unhappy.

            The illusive Mr. Jones is giving up his secrets – slowly, reluctantly. He used so many aliases that he is hard to follow. But the key elements of his life are clear. I think the man needed mental-health counseling. Eventually, we’ll try to locate records of his second divorce. These are in Cook County, Illinois. This and his first divorce are important, I think. The other “divorces” seem never to have happened. He just remarried without divorcing his pervious partner. We know of one incident because his “ex” was prosecuted for bigamy. While she was in court, and Jones was no where to be found, he was married to a fourth wife (or maybe fifth.)

            I can’t locate any of the first issues of his magazine. There must be at least one copy out there. They were “throw away” items, things few saved. We see something similar with a booklet entitled Food for Thinking Christians. About a million and a half of them were printed. A handful survives.


            All my children have scattered. No school. Knobby Knees is working, but it will be a short day. It’s turning dreary. The wind is picking up. I need a nap already. As soon as the laundry load is in the dryer, I’m going to snuggle my pillow and dream about dragons and evil frogs and lost temples, or maybe just about nothing.


            Someone gave me a huge file of old newspapers. We couldn’t afford the microfilms, and it’s really kind of them to scan them all and pass them on. We aren’t allowed to share them. I have no clue what sort of reasoning demands I not share what I can otherwise get from a library in Minnesota. But, I promised …


            I found an illustration online but didn’t save it. I went looking for it today without success. I found the same illustration but the girl in it is naked. I wanted the one where she is fully clothed. I should bookmark things I like. And I do sometimes.

           I was going to use it with a post entitled “Shopping with a Dragon.” But since the post is still an idea and not a reality, it can wait.


            I purchased a stamp I’ve wanted for years. Sometimes it only takes patience. This is the three mark stamp from the 1900 series for Germany. Later versions differ in wording, making some of the first series scarce. This one catalogues for seventy UK pounds in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue, slightly less in the Scott Catalog.  I’m happy to have it.


  1. Whitehouse12:19 AM

    If Delmont had a 'pervious partner' this is surely a clue as to his sexual proclivities?

  2. I'm sorry you felt bad yesterday.I hope your evening was better. It was a good day in our house. Thanksgiving is a big day for us. My son had smoked our turkey the day before. He has become an expert at this.

    I got up early and started on cutting up vegetables as my wife prepared the stuffing and the other side dishes. We've developed a system going now after all these years. I drank coffee as I peeled potatoes. When the ham came out of the oven we stopped briefly for a light breakfast of ham on English muffins.

    My son and I assembled the tree on Wednesday, but we needed to get the lights on before the grand kids arrived. Maggie and Corbin came in while we were still working and helped (?) us finish the job.

    Dinner was was a delight, at least at my end of the table. My son-in-law got a few bites in while trying to manage a squirmy little boy. Finally my wife took Corbin downstairs to watch a cartoon. Corbin can't help it. His brain can be easily overloaded by new stimuli and there just was just too much happening at the table.

    Maggie has a new word. My daughter has gotten better about her language. Maggie learned this one from the TV instead. When things don't go the way she wants you'll hear her say "Drats!"

    We relaxed after the meal. Corbin tried a gluten-free cupcake baked just for him. He liked it. A lot of gluten-free baked goods tastes horrible, but these cupcakes were really good.

    We went back upstairs to the living room to decorate the tree. Maggie and Corbin were old enough this year to help.

    Finally it was time for the grand children to go home for naps and Jayne and I sat down to watch football on TV. It was a good day for family to be close.

  3. "I’m happy to have it."