Sunday, November 30, 2014

Page Views

            Well … this blog drew over 900 page views yesterday – most of them from the same source: Someone using AT&T in Indiana. While I like it when someone reads my blog or views the photos I post, this is a bit creepy.

They systematically read through each post back to March 2010. I’m inclined to attach this to a controversy on a history blog where I am moderator. But it may have come from a small group of Internet griefers who’ve been reading everything they can find about me.

If you are Mr. (or Miss) Indiana, introduce yourself. I hope you enjoyed my blog. You spent enough time here to decide. Let me know. Did you find the porn you were apparently seeking?

If you’re one of the trouble makers who center on a woman living in the UK, let me know what you think anyway. It’s much easier to ask me direct questions than it is to search the internet looking for my biography. I noticed that the same bunch (I’m presuming it’s the griefer bunch, though I may be wrong) read my first “guest post” on the history blog over thirty times. Didn’t it bore you after the second reading?

I posted an indignant rant to the history blog, but I removed it. It didn’t address the real issue. And the person for whom it was meant wouldn’t get the point anyway.

I’m weary. People who believe that I’m obligated to like them no matter what wear me out. I’m not obligated to like anyone.

I have clearly defined expectations for friends and acquaintances. I am not obligated to tell you what they are. And I’m free to like or dislike you without notice. Live with it.

 What did you expect to see?

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  1. Can I say I like this picture? I like it. I see our pixie princess this way