Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New to My Collections

World War Soldier's Mail: Bulgaria 1916

Germany, 1919.
National Assembly Issue with Commemorative Cancels.


  1. Nice. I just got home from voting. Before that my son and I went to the shooting range to try out our new pistols. My son had a 1911 stolen from his car recently and bought a new gun this past weekend. I also bought a new 9 mm. My wife is sure I have enough guns now. For now, yes, but a man can never have too many toys.

  2. He probably will never see the gun again. Did he keep a record of the serial number? That helps with recovery.

    I don't own a 1911. I have a WW2 era Radom 9mm. It makes a very nice hole and a big bang. I like big bangy things.

  3. He called the police and reported it as soon as he went out to his car. He and I record the SN of all our weapons. The insurance company did not pay us the full value of the pistol. It would be nice if it was recovered one day, but I'm not holding my breath.