Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Pet Scot's View of Life with a Pixie

            One of my friends is an artist. We discuss life, dragons, sex with wicked elves and lately anthropomorphism. She sent me a huge file of illustrations, none of which are hers. I don’t post hers because this is usually a PG to G rated blog. Her drawings are never exactly PG. They’re more R to XXX.

            Anthropomorphic art and literature takes in everything from Peter Rabbit to Laurel K. Hamilton’s torrid (read pornographic) fairy fiction. My favorites include the Redwall series. They’re fun books written for pre to late teens. I’ve read most of them.

            Almost none of the art she sent can appear here, but this one I especially liked. I don’t know how to title it. Is she stealing carrots? Going to share with friends? I dunno. I just like the picture.


            The bunny girl reminds me of my children, two of them especially so.

            I like girls with swords pictures. They fit in nicely with some of my oral stories. This one reminds me of the warrior princess in my current story.

            And this last one is my pet Scot’s view of life with a pixie:

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  1. I don't know where the bunny girl got her carrots, but I bet she is going back to her hutch to cook up something tasty for her boyfriend, Bugs, and spend a quiet evening cuddling and doing what rabbits do.

    As for your pet Scot's point of view, I probably don't need to repeat myself in saying how envious I am of Knobby Knees life with the Pixie.

    I hope you and your entire family have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.