Tuesday, November 11, 2014


            So, today was on the not-fun side. The circuit breaker for our furnace went bad. It’s cold. The furnace will run, but the breaker buzzes loudly. So we’ve turned the heat down. An electrician is coming tomorrow to replace the breaker. Until then we’re all wearing sweaters.

            I had the day off (both jobs). It’s a school holiday. And I scheduled myself off for today on my ‘other job.’ I’ll spend my night off snuggling ol’ knobby knees.

           I’ve almost caught up on the laundry. That’s always a near miracle. Try doing the laundry for seven people! Okay six. My oldest does her own.

            I didn’t get anything done other than work out when the electrician can come and do the laundry and cook dinner. Good dinner though, even if I say so.

            I noticed that none of my blog readers tackled the “what would you be?” question.

            One of the school counselors sent a really nice email: “You are wonderful! Thank you! So many would-be writers struggle with this and exaggerate expectations in their own minds. And so many of them floursh in your classes because you see past their difficulties to their gifts. You are a huge blessing in their lives. It never ceases to amaze me how many non-writers choose and love your classes!” Nice, huh? Better than a chocolate bar. …

            I’m collating papers. I keep our research material in binders. As needs change I move some of them into other sections. For instance, if I have a newspaper article that mentions two people, while we write about one of them, the paper is in his binder. When we write about the second person, I move the paper to his binder. They’re all tabbed with sticky notes, so that isn’t hard work. Just time consuming.

            I’ve been watching detective videos. This is a quick assessment:


            Colombo - Contrived, irritating, predictable.

            Perry Mason - Gorgeous 1950s sets. Good plots. Perry always wins his case, except once in the whole series.

            Burk’s Law - Utterly stupid American TV.

            77 Sunset Strip - Campy. Funny when it’s supposed to be serious.

            Wild, Wild West - Meant to be funny, but often isn’t. Fun though.

            Dragnet - the 1950s shows are the best and hold up well. The 1960s shows are a rant disguised as a crime show.

            Inspector Linley - Same complaints as noted in a pervious post.

            Inspector Gently - Really good to so-so.

            A Touch of Frost - Uniformly good. Police work is iffy by American standards, but then that’s so of most crime shows no matter who makes them. Frost reminds me of someone I know. I like this show.

           Various Agatha Christie based shows: Mostly really good. I was disappointed in Moving Finger. Nemesis was good.


            Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies and shows. Funny, entertaining.


            Though A Touch of Frost is high on my list, Law and Order is still the very best show.

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  1. An occasional reader4:36 AM

    From a rather dodgy source I bought a stack of the old Perry Mason's. I found them somewhat dated this time around, although I always used to like the actor William Talman, who played the luckless prosecutor. But I find it a bit boring when he always wins. I much prefer the original Law and Order, where you really never know in which direction the story will veer off, and whether justice will be done fairly or not.

    We find the series Frost OK, but my problem is that the lead actor is a famous comedy actor in the UK. So he appears to be playing his usual role - but without the jokes. Some actors can transcend the type-casting - I don't find that about David Jason - but that is just one person's personal view.

    Have you ever watched the Colin Dexter stories (and spin-offs) such as Morse, Lewis, and Endeavour. (They may have changed the names for the States, I don't know). We like the period trappings in Endeavour, and the scenery of Oxford - even went back with Mrs O as tourists and did the tour. (I used to live near Oxford so it was a nostalgic return).

    And then there are the historical series like Foyle's War, and the over-the-top panto series like Midsomer Murders - almost a send-up of Agatha Christie - with a somewhat higher body count.

    All chewing gum for the eyes. But why not.