Monday, October 27, 2014

The News

1:45 am - Pixie arrives home. Eats saltines with spinach dip and a glass of milk.

2:15 - Spooning her pet Scot. I deny that pixies snore.

8:15 - Intense snuggle.

8:45 - or so: Pixie makes coffee, gossips with snuggle partner.

9:12 - Pixie is shuffling papers, trying to sort mess on her desk.

9:36 - Pixie reads email. Writes reply. Returns to sorting papers. Thinks about writing stuff. Is pleased with new ‘thoughts.’

10:00 - Pixie reads stupid stuff on Internet. Frowns. Decides to ignore it.

10:06 - Pixie is in chat room scolding rude man. Throws same out of chat room

10:27 - Mailman delivers package, pleasing pixie no end.

10:36 - Pixie is reading today’s mail.

11:00 - Pixie puts quilt in wash.

11:08 - Pixie is playing with new toy. [See entry for 10:27]

12:02 - Pixie is multi-tasking: Washing, cleaning work room to start new research project. Filing stuff. Looking for a lost file folder. Occasionally playing with new toy.

12:30 - Pixie is taking a break, writing this, and sipping coffee.


1 comment:

  1. One wonders what sort of toy the pixie go and played with today?