Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sometimes all it takes is patience

I've been pursuing the scarcer varieties of German inflation era stamps. Sometimes it's the shade that makes them scarce, or the placement of an overprinted denomiation, or sometimes it's the separations. Most stamps you're familiar with are perforated. Some German stamps are separated by a rouletted cut. Some of the inflation era rouletted stamps are scarce, even really expensive.

I found this lot on ebay:

Most of this is interesting but fairly common. There are a few not so common but not all that expensive. And then there is this --

It's not earth-shakingly expensive, But as a used pair is hard to find.
I'm pleased with myself. Thank you very much!

Then there are these. Some of these have no real value. They're worth pennies.
The 5, 50 and 75 thousand mark stamps have a catalogue value of about sixty dollars. The 200 mark stamp is worthless because of its condition. The 50 mark stamp (upper right corner) has a Michel Cataloge value of 150 Euros. It is somewhat less in the Scott Cagaloge.
This is an auction photo, though I now own these stamps.
If you're patient, nice things can come your way.
These are examples.

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