Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flirting, Dragon Sex, and Coffee

            So … Knobby Knees and I went off to town. He needed some man stuff, and I needed the disinfectant, deodorizing cleaner for the carpet. We stopped in at my favorite gossip place. Two of my usual coffee mob were there. Poor KK. I think they overwhelmed him. One of them flirted with him. I’d have been miffed, but she’s a flaming lesbian. He blushed brilliantly. I finally told him she was teasing; that she was not interested in men much. Poor, poor flustered man.

            Next I have to disinfect the inside of the cubby where the pipes are located. I don’t feel up to that today, so I’ll probably do it on Monday. We raised enough money selling things on ebay and on Craiglist that I can pay one major bill. This is good. We have thousands more to raise. But this is a good start. Uncle B’s share will pay off my aunt’s rehab clinic. This is good too.

            I’m going to sell the First Edition, Second Printing (1904) of the French language Millennial Dawn. It’s in super shape. Last time someone listed one online it was priced at nearly seven hundred US dollars. I’ll ask 125.00. I think the higher price isn’t realistic, though it is a very rare item.

            I removed a boy from my class. He decided that he can’t behave, so off to the office he went for a conference with the principal. Why they funnel the bad boys to me is a mystery. Well … not totally. I’m one of two CPI (crisis intervention) trained teachers at our school. So I get the hard to handle ones, even if they don’t otherwise belong in my classes. For example, I have a disgraphic young man in my writing class. He can’t write. The class isn’t designed to improve his penmanship or address similar issues. It’s for students who already like to write. But there he is … in my class, put there in an evil conspiracy between counselor, principal, and parent just to give me headaches. And his behavior is a growing issue. He’s on his last warning. I’ve contacted his parents. A family conference with the principal is next. Then he’s out for good.

            In fairness this isn’t all irritation. I have another young man with similar issues in that same class. His first assignment was supposed to be a short story. I got one sentence from him. Between us we set progressive goals; he’s now up to eight or nine sentences. This is real progress.

            I teach in a high-expectation school. We expect excellence academically and behaviorally. If a student can’t reach that standard, they’re returned to one of the more traditional schools. The chances of a return to our school are slim, though it has happened. Those students who have academic promise but known behavior issues are admitted with an educational contract that clearly spells out procedures and expectations. There is no leeway.

            I missed work Thursday. And last night I slept twelve and a half hours. I’m starting to feel some better. I think I’ll turn KK into a dragon tonight and have my way with him. …


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