Hi Rachael,
I hope you are doing well. I’ve written you a post. I hope you don’t mind the first couple of paragraphs. Hugs, Harry
How was my day? Yesterday was pretty good. We generally don’t talk politics on your blog, but yesterday was primary day. I happen to live in the Virginia 7th district, which means that Eric Cantor is my “representative”, although he has never shown any interest in representing my views. The Tea Party wingnuts put up a candidate to run against him this year. This is funny because we all thought Cantor was the darling of the Tea Party, but it turns out he was too liberal for them.
So yesterday we had a situation where the Republicans in our district were split. Add to that Virginia has an open primary system in which anyone can vote without being a card-carrying member of any party. A lot of people like me, who are not Republicans, flocked to the polls and voted against Cantor. I have no desire to see the other guy win in November, but I would have voted for a three-toed sloth with syphilis to defeat Cantor.
New topic. So this morning I was sleeping and was having one of these funny dreams you have as the sun begins filtering through the curtains. I can’t remember the details of the dream, but there were several interesting events playing out around me. I do remember within the dream waking up and I was telling my mom about the first dream just like I used to do at the breakfast table in the morning when I was growing up.
Then it hit me. I was dreaming about Mom. She’s been gone a month now. I woke up a little sad, but then I thought… I’m having happy memories of the times we spent talking. I was always telling her about silly dreams I had, stories about work at school, the children, the grandchildren. She loved to listen and talk about life.
I try to suppress the memories of those final days in the hospital when she was so weak and in pain. I think of all the photos we have of her, always with a broad smile on her face. She was a classy lady. I maybe ready to write about her more soon. Roberto asked me to. She made the world a better place.
Slightly different topic. Mom named me executor in her will. We have been searching for the original, signed and notarized, copy. I discovered just the other day that a bank trust department had it and it is being mailed to me so I can begin probate proceedings. Most of the process will be simple. Mom had already pre-paid for her final arrangements. The family trust was already in the children’s names. Everyone knew who was getting her personal possessions. No fights there.
There is one small insurance policy that my dad was the beneficiary of which now must be transferred into the estate.
Breaking News! My wife just called. Maggie went into the bathroom and managed to lock herself inside. Jayne called me for help. Maggie had been in there with one of the dogs for 20 minutes. She was crying and Jayne was getting frantic. But as we were talking, Maggie finally managed to release the lock and open the door. She sounded so contrite on the phone and I was laughing my head off.
So that is my day and week so far. I think I’ll go play with some babies.