Thursday, May 17, 2012

From Harry

I haven't been writing much lately, but here is a little something and a promise of more. Harry

I rehearsed this afternoon with our eighth grade band. Another teacher and myself will be performing tonight in our Spring concert. Did I mention that I cannot play a single note. It's going to be fun and I will write again as soon as I get home to describe my experience.

The band was going to try a "Mutt & Jeff" thing, although I doubt if any of them know who they were. Mr. S, who is a good 12 inches taller than me will be playing the Sousaphone, badly. The band had voted for me to play the piccolo, but I literally have no lip for it. I could not make even the most rudimentary sounds come out. I had originally asked to play the triangle, so I ended up with the cymbals. That's good. I am perfectly capable of smashing things to make loud noises. Tonight a star is born.

Note from the Pixie: I wanna see youtube video!


An occasional reader said...

In the UK at least, where I don’t think we ever had the cartoon, Mutt and Jeff has always been rhyming slang for “deaf”. In view of your post’s subject, appropriate perhaps?

Harry H said...

Well I am back from the concert. As soon as YouTube finishes with my video - I got a back stage crew member to film the event - I will send you the link and my comments.

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