Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the big woods ... mystery photo

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  1. I asked my seventh graders to write captions to this photo. Please understand I don't teach the super creative students that Rachael does in her writing classes. Anyhow here are a few captions I thought were interesting.

    "Are you sure the car sank here?"

    Guy #1: "Hey look I found an unknown fish. I shall call it a Shamy.

    Guy #2 "You can't do that. In Florida there is a fish called a Shamy."

    Guy #3 "Hey, look. Dinner."

    William, Homer, and Fredrick were out for a leisurely stroll in the middle of the winter when they all of a sudden came upon a stream. Until then they hadn't realized how hopelessly lost they were. They couldn't figure out a way to get out. They saw a fish and thought that it looked like it knew where it was going. They decided to follow it so that it could lead them out of the woods.

    The three men are pointing at a rare creeksquatch. The creeksquatch is an exotic species, nearly extinct, and related to the much acclaimed sasquatches. Like their relatives, the creeksquatches are quite large, however the hair of a creeksquatch is made of reeds instead of the traditional hair. They are found mainly in Canada due to their love for cold environments. They love to swim through bodies of water preying on fish and the occasional human onlooker.

    Note: A couple of my students must be studying too hard for the state standards of learning tests that start next week as you can see in these last two captions.

    These 3 men are in the woods on December 1, 1920 looking for the right location to setup an illegal moonshine still. They plan on making at least $100,000 at least in just one season now that Prohibition has gone into effect.

    These 3 men are standing around an icy stream on December 27, 1860, in Duluth, Minnesota looking at a thin iceberg a week after South Carolina seceded from the Union, which 6 more Southern states would follow in January and February 1861 and form the Confederacy on February 8, 1861. After the Civil War begins, 4 more (states) would secede in April, May and June 1861.

    My own suggestion - "Hey, is that Jimmy Hoffa?"