Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Disorganized Pixie!

So, I've been looking for a pamphlet I know I own. Right? Got that? Yes ... Well, I can't find it. I will eventually, but I haven't yet. Because of the way I've acquired this stuff, some things that go together logically are in separate folders. I need to re-file the entire bunch.
The folder I have on my desk right now might make one of my blog readers jealous, or maybe it wouldn't. Let's see .... Here's what's in it:

1. G. Storrs: Six Sermons, 1847 edition as a paperback.
2. H. Grew: A. An Examination of the Divine Testimony. B. An Appeal to Pious Trinitarians. C. Future Punishment. D. The Intermediate State. These are all from the 1830s.
3. William Whiston: The Eternity of Hell Torments Considered, 1740. [Rare and usually expensive. The pixie did a deal!]
4. Zion's Watch Tower, June 11, 1894, special issue.
5. Prophetic Times, May 1872. [This one belongs in another folder with the rest of these]
6. The Literalist, single issue from 1841.
7. D. T. Taylor: The Coming Earth Quake, 1870 edition.
8. H. L. Hastings: Pauline Theology and the Destiny of the Wicked. Undated reprint in booklet form, published for a UK audience.
9. C. C. Barker: A Bible View of the Millennium. A later reprint. Barker was an associate of Barbour. This booklet is meant to refute some of Storrs' views.
10. Benjamin Newton: A. On the Natural Relations of Men and the Governments to God, 1873. B. Jerusalem: Its Future Glory, 1908 edition. C. Prophetic Psalms, 1900 edition.[These belong in another folder with the rest of Newton's stuff.]
11. Archival folder with 24 mid 19th Century tracts. These are all tri-fold and small. Mostly about God's judgment on sinners.
12. The Congregational Manual, 1888.
13. The Reformer and Christian, single issue Feb 1832.
14. The Interpretation of the First Part of the Apocalypse by a Reader of the Prophets, Rochester NY 1880. [ultra rare]
15. John Batey: Toughts on the Immoratality and Future Condition of man ... in reply to Geo Storrs, 1842. [rarer than rare!]

Did I make you jealous? Prolly not. Most of my blog readers have no interest in these things. A few do, but they seldom comment – except for Occasional Reader.

In the mean time, I’m still missing stuff. I need a secretary!


  1. An occasional reader11:16 PM

    I'm trying to remember where Jealousy comes in the Seven Deadly Sins...

  2. Now if you had a Hornus Wagner, or a Babe Ruth rookie card I would be jealous.

    The Seven Deadly Sins are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

    I guess jealousy would be envy as in "I am envious of knobby kneed Scots who are married to pixies."

  3. Yest I am jealous. You have treasures