Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Comments on the Old Photo

I date this photo to 1880-1900 by the absence of cars and mechanized farm equipment. As Harry observed in the post trail, this is winter. He observed the trees. You can also see that a huge snow storm is coming. A small snow has already fallen. You can see it on the ground (white areas) and on the branches of the trees.

The trees are a planting, not a natural grove. They follow the fence and road lines, and were probably intended for windbreak. This is prairie, probably Nebraska or the Dakotas. I surmise this from the wild grass and the upward slope. The trees appear to be cottonwoods, but this is a wild-guess. There are four, possibly five, evergreens – pines by the look of them – planted near the two houses, and more on the top of the ridge. These seem out of place, but possibly they are the native trees. If you live on the edge of prairie, you will see areas where mountain pines encroach on the prairie.

You can see a woman standing in the partially open back door of the small house. There are no small animals or chickens. This is another sign of winter. The small house has a picket fence that turns into a wire fence. If you look at the enlargement of the small house, you will see that they grow vegetables. The plot is evenly plowed, bare from recent harvest, and free of weeds, indicating considerable care. It is too small for commercial use, so they grow for their own use. The ground on the other side of the wire fence was plowed and planted at one time. You can see the furrows, and some of the original planting has re-grown. You can see this from the straight line of plants.

The small house may be an out building for the larger house seen on the right. There are smaller out buildings near that house. The larger house is well maintained. Note the nice white paint. The small house in the foreground needs a repainting as does the utility building next to it.

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