Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kind Words from Another Historian

I have been conversing with Bruce Schulz for several years now. He (and you) have been a tremendous help to me in my research and writing. You have access to Adventist and religious materials I haven't seen, and the material you have provided has enriched some of the biographical entries I have been writing. I hope some of the resources I have forwarded has also helped the two of you! ...

I wish I could write history with the voice that you have. I struggle with voice and style. I am too verbose, but I love to tell the story. Thank God for decent editors who can turn copy into presentable reading! My book, Biog. Ency of Church of God Pastors and Leaders is about to go to press. It has happened more quickly than I thought it would, and I wonder if I should have taken another year! Winding up the details has made me anxious.-J. S.

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