Monday, March 21, 2011

You know what?

Writing to my writing partner to complain about me will not endear you to either of us. Just don't do it. Especially now. ... He's not well. He's old. Guess who's answering most of his emails, especially those that require some research ... That's right; it would be me.

So here are some thoughts:

1. Appealing to someone else to monitor my behavior went out the window when I was fifteen.
2. If I make a decision, it's mine to make. Live with it or get off our history blog.
3. While I appreciate the many readers who contribute material, doing so does not insinuate you into our project. It does not make you any sort of partner in our work. We have these 'lovely' people who help (Occasional Reader and Corey, Ton, Dr. Maiano and Baptized Believer come readily to mind), and they help without any expectation but our gratitude. I haven't met any of them except by email or blog post. But I can tell you that these are great guys. Follow their example.

You have no expectation that we will let you into or control any part of our project. Don't presume that sending us a scan or offering some service will result in some partnership. You are always free to write your own book, do your own research, and originate your own project.

4. The temporary experiment with an open access blog is going to end soon. Repeat this foolishness and you'll find yourself deleted from the access list.


  1. They just don't get it do they? ... NEVER piss off a Pixie!

  2. Pixie this clip is for you.