Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Royal Review

R. M. de Vienne
In the royal review were men on horses – At least twenty-two.
It sounded like we were at the zoo.

There were drums and horns and musicians to play them.
The noise was so loud that it sounded like mayhem!

Then came the queen in her carriage.
Beside her rode half of the baronage.

The rest followed behind.
If they were disturbed by the poo on the road, they gave nary a sign.

Soldiers with high stepping boots followed along
Singing loudly a risqué song.

Girls dressed quite gaily threw roses and shrieked.
You’d think each of those soldiers was an Arabian sheik.

Another band followed with a dancing bear
And a juggler singing a jaunty air.

Along trailed a troop of pixies twirling and jumping;
Some of them on drums were a thumping.

Then came the trumpets blasting a note
And fifteen men they recruited off a boat!

The trumpets pealed like thunder was near
And along came the princess at the rear.

She whispered to her horse named Snookie,
“I’m only doing this so I can have a cooke!”

“I’ve bathed and put on these pants and boots;
I’ve rattled this saber and shouted some hoots.”

“I’ve refrained from pouting too;
And I’ve pretended not to see all this goo …”

“If you get me out of this without too much ado
I’ll find some nice stallion to marry you!”


  1. A good sonnet, all your own work?

  2. Yup. This is my "instant poem."

  3. I thought it might be yours. Who else speaks so eloquently about poo? You, that's who.