Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Random Thoughts

I think we should shut down our history blog. It doesn't accomplish what we intended. The three really helpful people could be put on an email list. The rest just read what we write and one of them takes it for his own research.

This is a bad day to make that decision; besides I can't make it on my own. My writing partner and I own it together, though most of the work has fallen to me lately. We put that up to generate feedback. Most of the valuable feedback comes via email from only two, sometimes three, people. I talked to my WP about this on Sunday. He hasn't made up his mind.

I'm tired of this project. I want it done and gone out of my life. I will not help with the next in this series, and as far as I'm concerned it can remain unwritten. I like this subject less and less.

Other stuff:

I need to buy girl sox today. Lots and lots of girl sox, all sizes. Having children is an expensive proposition.

My kids love the Sister's Grim series by Michael Buckley. They're fun stories. I'm using one of them, the first one, in my critical reading class. My students love it as well.

Linden Lab's Second Life had such potential. It's degenerating into a back alley full of petty criminals, drug addicts and perverts. Since Startek assumed control of ToS violations, enforcement is haphazard at best. Today we had an old-time griefer come into our area. He's an obese drug addict who fornicates with a girl from Wisconsin. She's now pregnant. I have no pitty for her; she's as stupid as he is.

Startek protects its own. He's still there after an hour and a half! Job well done! or not.

I'm killing this blog eventually. No one reads it. I do not understand how a blog about gerbils can have hundreds of followers and this excellent, exiting, well-written, blog with pretty pictures has almost none. And I'm so sweet too. ... How puzzling.

I hate facebook. I no longer go there. Some Second Life fool thought he found me on facebook. He didn't. My page is private with only a few other writers having access. I haven't been on it in months.

Occasional has promissed a guest post. Gary Croby promised too, but I think he forgot. I'd like to get Patricia Briggs to write one, but I don't know her at all. She writes about wicked fairies and such inhabiting an Eastern Washington community. Good books.

... time for me to go teach ... such a day. All I want to do is crawl back into bed. ... Now I go teach someone else's children.


  1. On your history blog, I've been waiting for you to post your chapter on the Adventists.
    The early period of Russell is a difficult one to write a history about due to lack of historical facts by Russell. Russell only acknowledges as sources Wendell, Barbour, Storrs, Stetson. He acknowledges indebtness to the Adventists, but does not specify. He denied that he was Adventist, yet met with them. He mentions Seiss and Dunn in the Supplement to the 1st issues of the Watchtower, which shows that he was acquainted with them, but does not prove that they were sources, although likely. This Supplement was rare.
    There is a story to tell, but it is difficult to fill in the dots.

  2. We are working on it now. You've seen parts of it, just not the most important bits.

    The segments on Wendell and Stetson are part of this. I should update the section on Stetson.

    Storrs is next. You will find that Storrs was not an Adventist when Russell met him.

    I'm working on the introduction of that chapter. It details the differences between Literalist Millenarians and Adventists, something modern writers seem to have forgotten or which they ignore.

    Russell wasn't an Adventist. From 1871 to 1876 he was a One Faith Millenarian, even though he Adventist associates.

  3. Sadly you are all too right about LL and Startek. I was in a public orientation area just this past weekend and several of the people I was talking to filed abuse reports (AR) on a rather argumentative avatar who sat among us sporting an appendage that was way out of scale for his body. It was totally inappropriate for a PG area and in direct violation of the TOS.

    About a half-hour later another avatar approached us and started asking questions. He/she identified itself as a member of the complaint committee that investigated AR reports. He did not claim to be an employee, but he claimed to have access to the reports and was looking at why we filed them!

    He/she went on to say that this committee was made up of "former griefers"-- a term we disputed. A former griefer is like a former rapist. A snake can shed his skin, but he is still a snake.

    When a third griefer appeared and started using abusive language, we called on this brave committee person to deal with the new problem and we laughed at his lack of action. We politely, but firmly pointed out that he either was working for LL and therefore should do something about the violations, or he was just another griefer and needed to leave good people alone. He finally slithered away.

  4. Say it's not so, our own Pixie warrior is leaving our small fellowship of the ring (ring of truth that is). Our guiding light and pathfinder will surly never abandon us to the forces of darkness (historical ignorance). As the combined forces of orcs and goblins close in on this little band of truth seekers, it is the Pixie warrior with her staff of light, and ring of truth who will dispel the hoards of darkness that close in on our fellowship. Only then will we receive the prize. After the forces of evil has been obliterated, then and only then will the Pixie warrior say: "What the heck, you guys could have never done it with out me". Then the Paladin, the Dwarf, the Ranger, and Halfling will reply: "Long live the Pixie warrior, for she is grand".

  5. Dear Sherlock,
    You're silly as heck, but you made me laugh. Thanks, I need to laugh!

  6. Dare I say that the Pixie may have spread herself a bit thin?

    ... pick one, dammitt, and work it like the intelligent, articulate, and all round fabulous woman you are.

    ... and if it isn't this blog then it better be your fantasy writing ... just sayin'!

  7. Bah.

    Pixie: "I am sad."

    The Man: "Want to go shoe shopping?"

    Pixie: "Shooooooooeeeeesssss."

    (three months later)

    Pixie: "I am sad."

    The Man: (opens cans of peaches)

    Pixie: "Peaches!"

    (three months later)

    Pixie: "I am sad."

    The Man: "I baked you a cheesecake."

    Pixie: "Damn you, you, you, man you!"

    The Man: "I used to be a cute boy, too."

    Pixie: "Don't forget the cooties. Give me the cheesecake, I am going to eat half of it right now."

  8. My guest post is in the mail, btw. I sent it to your wanderingpixie account because your other one hid itself from my boy eyes with cooties.