Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh Thupp

My once upon a time writing partner is trying to cajole into returning to the project. And some of his friends have visited this blog. Thanks for the concern guys, but before I make up my mind to return to squinty-eyed research, I want to be certain that "the religious organization that must not be named because it will hurt someone's feelings" has stopped visiting both blogs, vanished into the night, decided to grow up a bit, what ever.

He sent along (I think we call that forwarding) an email from one of his blog friends. It was flattering. I can be flattered .... go ahead, say something nice. I'll listen. He wrote to what-his-name, saying: "I quickly perused the beginning posts in Rachel’s blog and got a feel for her writing and fiction. She is that interesting combination of person and wordsmith from whose fingers the words flow as she types – not many can be so fluent. Her intelligence comes through clearly – conversations with her must be enjoyable." Now there is a man who knows how to flatter a pixie princess! How nice.

Next someone will try bribery. Ahem ... Let's think in terms of Steak Dianne and Chocolate Suicide Cake. Maybe a bit of champagne, a trip to Paris (France, not Texas), some cute shoes. ....

Say ... that reminds me ... Did you ever notice those flashy-light shoes kids wear? I really love those. Now I'm small. I think I said that before on this blog. Me cute little feets are small too. (Is that a tautology, a redundancy, umm a what? I forget what's what with those terms) I wear a size 2 and a half, essentially a child's shoe size. I like cute shoes and I've been eyeing these sparkly light shoes for just niegh umm naye umm 'nigh on to .... nearly forever. I bought some. And are they fun or what?! I wore them to work and managed to entertain the staff and an endless stream of guests.

So ... now, I don't talk about more serious stuff on here too often. I'm on the sickish side with an inherited health issue. I get blinding head aches. ... And they've been getting worse. Nasty things. So ... 'm on the phone with Dr X, and I'm sayin', "Doc, I'm getting worse. This is about as much fun as dating an IRS agent on a school night."

Doc X peruses my "file." I thump my foot against the side of my desk cubby (what do they really call that area where you shove your legs? The desk hole?) in impatient agitation.

"Humm," he says. "Did you have your eyes examined after the medication change?"

Now sometimes my memory ain't the best. I know this. But ... I KNOW he never said, "dear pixie, this medication change may effect your vision. Go get your peepers checked."

"Umm, no," I say. "Was I supposed to?"

Big pause. "Yes, you should do that."

So yesterday I'm off at Dr. Y the Eye guy's place. "Humm," he says. "When was your last eye exam?"

"Probably sometime near birth," I say. "I don't remember."

So he does the flip the lenses test thingie where you read charts and such. And finally, vwalala (VoilĂ ) he says, "With the medication change your eyes have improved. You need less powerful peeper helpers." Hopefully this will mitigate the headaches some.

Books. ... Yes ... we have books. As in I went Goodwill Store shopping again. It was either that or buy a ridiculously expensive dress. I bought the cheap books instead. ....

Nice finds. Spectacularly fun things:

1. Revised Statutes of the United States .... get this guys ... 1844. Ever see Corpus Juris Secundum? Long huge endless set of law books that restate federal law. This little gem is the 1844 equivalent. It's 196 pages total. We should return to a Federal Code of 200 pages total. Several gems in there including an 1836 law banning the sale of spirits in the Capitol building because our ancestor's representatives were drunken louts and someone wanted them to stay sober while they legislated. Imagine that.

2. A really nice Age of Fable, an 1877 printing with steel engravings.

3. Hero Tales from American Life, 1902 edition. Almost like new.

4. First American edition of Loti's The Story of a Child. Also nearly as new.

5. Two volumes of the Time-Life mythology series from way back when. I now have a complete set.

6. The Boy Scout Aviators, 1920.

7. Margaret Frazer's The Hunter's Tale. YOU SHOULD read one of her medieval mysteries. You just should.

Cute shoes! A way of life!


  1. See. I learned something new today You wear glasses.

    Bribery... hmm. I can't offer you Steak Dianne. I'm not sure how well in would fair after I mailed it across the country, but I could try sending you Virginia Peanut dipped in chocolate.

  2. Widdershins (aka Lori) would like the pleasure of your company on her blogroll/links.. please peruse and let me know either way.. you can email me through the 'contact me' thing-y...

    P.S. my partner makes a double chocolate chocolate cake with to-die-for icing ... just saying!