Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The River

Aunt Karen is here. She's fun and she doesn't mind getting dirty. We took the girls and went walking along the river. The water level is low here. It always goes down this time of year as power demand increases and the dams release more water. You see things at low water - things you don't normally see.

We found an adze blade made of the rough grain basalt common to the river and a native knife blade made of agatized wood. It's dark, not as translucent as they sometimes are, but nice anyway.

We found two trade goods oval fish weights and one impromptu fish weight made of sheet lead. I found a piece of wrought iron handle. It's a design motif similar to Federal period work. It could be that old. It'll take an expert to tell. And then there's about an eighth of a badge. There's not enough to tell was service it's from. The shape is similar to the old style U. S. Marshall badge, but the metal seems wrong. Any plating is long gone from exposure to acid soil and river water.

It was a fun, if sweaty walk. Good day even if I hurt so badly I could scream.

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  1. Sounds like ya'll had fun and made some interesting finds.