Friday, July 09, 2010


Some things make me cranky. One of these is the persistence of historical myth in the face of solid research. My writing partner pointed out a web forum comment. I read it twice. I’m now as peeved as I get.

It’s a solid slap to our collective face. How many ways can you prove something wrong and still have it be accepted as historical truth?

What we have is the publishing arm of a certain religion unwilling to correct fifty year old bad research … and then adding to it by more recent research that has shoved them in the wrong direction. The “truth” behind both issues is out there, and it’s easy to find.

Are you so in love with your own mythology that you want to ignore the evidence? How is maintaining a myth created by very poor research back in the late 1950’s helpful to you? Or to anyone?

Shame on you!


  1. Only to the people who are probably making money out of it!

  2. But new thoughts are like grease stains - you don't want them to spread, do you?

  3. They may fear questions lead to more questions.