Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Blissful Moments" - Tarkay

As badly as I felt yesterday, I called Shirley and got her to take me junk store shopping. It was a worth-while trip. Knobby Knees and I have been discussing redecorating the living room. He’s not fond of changes. I am always fiddling at something. He closes his eyes and pretends he doesn’t see it. I make him pork chops. All is well.

The paintings and prints on the living room wall lean heavily toward beach scenes. I want to change that. We have artwork in storage, most of it inherited from grandparents. I’ve sorted through that, and while I’ve hung a few things in the family room, I haven’t found anything I want in the living room. So … yesterday I prowled the pictures in my favorite Goodwill store. I found one. I paid more than I’d usually pay. It was $18.50.

It’s a Seriolithograph of “Blissful Moments” by Itzchak Tarkay. It’s numbered and signed on the stone, though not hand signed. These are supposed to be worth about six hundred fifty dollars. I think a realistic market price is fifty dollars or less. But I like the picture, and it’s now mine.

It’s very large, and I know just the place for it. I have a late Victorian era side-board against the south wall. This belonged first to my great-great grandmother. I think I’m going to replace the picture that hangs above it with the Tarkay lithograph.

I dunno for sure. I’m still thinking about it.

I found two books. I bought a ratty book club edition of Caleb Carr’s The Alienist. I read that a few years ago and liked it. I want to read it again. I also found a really nice copy of Neil Bell’s Strange Melody. I’m not sure anyone reads Neil Bell anymore. He was more popular in the 1930’s. But I read pre-1940 fiction, good and bad. It gives me a feel for the era, how people spoke, thought, and acted – at least in fiction. This isn’t a rare book, but this copy is in excellent condition. The book is as new, though the dust jacket has some edge wear.

Last thing I bought was a small print in its original frame. It’s called “Melody of Love” and was printed by Morris & Bendien. I can’t read the artist’s signature. There is a similarly titled print by Louis Jambor, but this is not it. I don’t think it’s worth much, but I like it. For $2.50 it was a nice find. I’m going to take down a 17th Century village scene that’s in the hallway and replace it with this.


  1. That's a gorgeous picture.

    You know, we hardly ever move our pictures around, and we've got a lot we can't hang because one of the main living room walls can't be used for hanging pictures. So they are stuffed behind the settee! There has to be a better way and maybe moving them around is it.

  2. 4. The colors in this print are so vibraint. When you think about how complex this form of lithography is, it is a true masterpiece.