Thursday, June 17, 2010

Major stuff ...

I know it doesn't sound like much, but I wrote eight paragraphs today. Those were for the history book, not for Pixie2. I'm pleased with just eight paragraphs. They're an analysis of Fredrick W. Grant's refutation of a small book entitled Food for Thinking Christians. To write my paltry paragraphs I had to read through pages and pages of religious, side-stepping twaddle.

My apologies to all the fans of F. W. Grant who are still out there. The man wasn't a concise and cogent logician. He just wasn't. Anyway, I'm done. That bit is finished. Yipee!

In many respects the book he was opposing is also flawed. It's as hard, harder in some places, to digest as was Grant's effort. My loving God and little rabbits! Did our ancestors have to use so many words to say so little?!

Doesn't help that I have a roaring headache, now, does it? But I did good work, I think. I haven't picked on Grant except to point out a logic flaw. Historically the material is wonderful. No one's published it since the 1880's, especially with any sort of anaysis. I've emailed the paragraphs to my writing partner, and he'll tinker with them. We do that. We leave no comma untouched ... no pout un-pouted, no pun unsaid, no cookie uneaten!

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  1. 8. "Did our ancestors have to use so many words to say so little?!" Uh have you listened to Congress on CSPAN lately?

    Ok, my work is done. Eight comments in about 30 minutes. The things I do for you. xoxo