Monday, May 10, 2010

Deputy Pixie and the Shadow People

Fringers believe in Shadow People – a sort of ghost-like, ethereal manifestation. Some think of them as inter-dimensional beings. There is an entire modern mythos out there, and shadow people are a significant part of it. (If you’re up late at night, tune into Coast to Coast AM. It’s like taking an anthropological tour of another world.)

Saturday before last was my “Shadow Person” night – well maybe.

This is one of those situations where I wish for a more competent vocabulary. I need words that more accurately describe what I saw.

I was walking between two lines of railroad cars. There had been a series of thefts out there, so we got out of our car and walked the rails. It’s not a well lighted place. There are lights, but they’re far apart, and one is dependant on their flashlight.

So … we heard a metallic clink. Someone tripped over a scrap of metal, skittering it across the concrete walkway that runs between the rail lines. We turned southward, my partner taking one of the walkways and I the one a row of cars over. I saw “him.” I caught him fully in my light. It was obviously male. It had a man’s stance, shape and movements. But my light lit up blackness itself. It was as if someone had cut his shape out of reality, leaving behind total blackness where his figure should have been.

Even a weak light tells tales. Light someone up and, though the night-time colours may not be true, you see the flash of light in their eyes. You see wisps of hair. I saw none of that, only a black hole in reality.

I held him in my light long enough for him to turn his head. He held my gaze with his non-face for a fraction of a moment and jumped between boxcars.

We heard him, but we didn’t catch him. There were endless hiding places and too many ways to walk off unseen.

So, what did I see? I don’t know. Whatever it was put me in touch with a different reality than I’ve known. But, then, much of ‘reality’ rests in perceptions. I’m inclined to think I met one of the wicked fae I’ve been chasing through the story I’m writing. …. What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    The boundarys between the worlds are full of gaps... most folk refuse to see 'em, but they're there alright

    widder again - still can't find my google ID