Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Swede-boy is as he is...

Swede-Boy and his Mother after a Hard Day of Not Working

With editing for grammar, spelling and conciseness what follows is a post written by an American resident in Sweden found on a topix forum. The truth of this post is self-evident. Compare the vulgar, perverted behavior and inflated self-worth of Swede-boy, our dear little, flabby, part-time gay boy Oscar, with what is said in this post and you'll see that his problem is genetic. His parents are lazy perverts, and so is he.
The Post
The Swedes are the laziest on the planet. As children they don't have to attend school as often; as Adults they are unproductive at work. They halt work several times a day to "fika break" … that means drink coffee and eat pastries … Hardly any real work gets done because Swedes don't have to bust ass. If you are lucky enough to get a job there is so much job security they don't have to work hard.

They get more holidays off than you can shake a stick at. Despite being a very non-religious country they … take every religious holiday they can. Aside from the standards like Christmas and Easter, they get crazy days off like Ascension Day and Good Friday. I went to Catholic school growing up folks, and let me tell you - even the Catholics don't get Good Friday off. You still get up and go to school or work; the only difference is you have to eat fish in the cafeteria because red meat is off limits.

Swedes extend regular holidays and add multiple days off so they can be lazy and drunk. Know of any other country that celebrates a day called "another day Easter"? No? Well Sweden does...they get about 4 days off where others get single day holidays; that way they can have at least a 3 day weekend of drinking and a day to be hungover.

If you worked HARD we might think you deserve it, but the truth is (at least where I live) nobody works late....many are home from their jobs by 4 pm even though they didn't start the day until 10am. You eat dinner about 4:30-5pm, a time when most Americans are still busting their hump at the office, despite starting work a couple hours before you.

Laziness in Sweden is an epidemic. Kids feel they don't have to work, and they continue to feel that way as they are older. Little wonder the two Swedish Olympic Swimming teams came in DEAD LAST.

Swedes are appalled if you have a beer with dinner on a weekday. But on weekends you are expected to get drunk, no matter what your age.

Swedes pretend acceptance to foreigners and immigrants on the outside, but underneath it they are racists and xenophobes. Good luck getting a job here as an immigrant, no matter what your education or credentials. People get jobs here by 1. BEING SWEDISH and 2. KNOWING SOMEONE IN THE WORKPLACE. You can come here with education that is higher than most Swedes, speaking fluent Swedish, and having more job experience and yet, as an immigrant you will be expected only to work in minimal paying positions.

Sure, you get free healthcare, but you can't get a doctor’s appointment I won't even mention how long it takes to have surgery done if you need it. You'll rarely get a doctor either, hospitals are understaffed and nurses do most of the work and see most of the patients. Doctors can't be bothered, are on vacation, or simply put - just aren't around.

If someone has a fever at night they have to go to the hospital because those government drug stores (Apoteket) don't like to stay open late.

I'd rather raise my son on US soil, no matter how much it sucks, because I'd rather him being a "lazy" American than be an undereducated, drunken-on-the-weekends slob who thinks he shouldn't have to work every day and has unprotected casual sex with anything on two legs because "its the weekend and hey, we just don't have VD in OUR country.”

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