Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pixie's Conference Bio.

Rachael was born in Reno, Nevada, in 1977. The family moved to Washington State, and she spent most of her childhood in South Eastern Washington. Rachael began writing Sherlock Holmes and Wizard of Oz fan fiction when she was in fifth grade. She found publication with a series of feature articles for a weekly newspaper when she was a high-school freshman.

Her interest in history was prompted by a colorful social studies book. She was a fourth-grader when she announced to her family that she wanted to be a history teacher. Rachael completed her master's degree at age twenty and went on to finish her dissertation after a break for marriage and her first child. She has taught Biblical Studies and history in a university setting and now teaches creative writing and history to advanced placement and "gifted and talented" students.

Her husband and children drive her insane, she says, but they're also the inspiration for some of her characters. She writes fantasy fiction and history. Her history specialty is 19th Century Pre-millennial movements. Her last journal article appeared in Journal from the Radical Reformation, a publication of Atlanta Bible College. She is a recognized world-class expert on the Second Adventist movements of the last half of the 19th Century, contributing significant original research to the field. She owns one of the most extensive personal libraries of millennialist publications from the period.

She is a self-confessed collector of stuff. This started with the discovery of her father's childhood stamp collection and has grown to include sea shells, rocks, and "other junk." Rachael has exhibited specialized stamp collections at American Philatelic Society conventions, and was awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for exhibits.

Rachael’s blog is found at . Her novel, Pixie Warrior, is published by Drollerie Press. The audio version is available from

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