Friday, April 02, 2010

Is God an Invalid?

Some think he is.

In Spain a group of Mohammedans (you know? The people who want to kill over silly cartoons?) provoked an incident at the Cordoba Cathedral, attacking and injuring security guards. The cathedral used to be a mosque way back when. They want it back. Maybe … maybe they could work a deal. They give back Hagia Sophia which was an Orthodox cathedral … No? Thought not.

Apparently their god is too weak to tend to his own interests. Or maybe he doesn’t share their view.

Think this approach to the divine will is unique to Mohammedans? Hump!

The Times-Beacon-Record reports that a seventy-three year old William Frank Kelly showed up at a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall and had to be removed. He objected to their teachings. Fine. He came back and poured two quarts of motor oil at the entrance door. He was, he said, doing the Lord’s work.

There is no difference in opinion between the Mohammedans and Mr. Kelly who counts himself a Christian even if God does not. Any difference is only in the methods they chose. Kelly snuck back and tried to vandalize a place of worship in secret. Perhaps his age kept him from pursuing the violence the Mohammedans chose.

They worship an invalid god, one who cannot right wrongs. Or they worship a god who fell asleep on the toilet and is too lethargic to respond. If you think that’s mean and crude, you do not know your Bible history.

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