Saturday, April 03, 2010

Between Llantwit Major and St. Donats, Wales ...

What IS it?


  1. You will love this. The map I found identifies this feature as "Sheepslay Barn", not a castle at all.

  2. The Wicked Fairy Tower is located on Summerhouse Point on Summerhouse Bay southeast of Llantwit Major. It appears that a fort had been built there at one time to guard the Welsh coastline.

  3. More Information!

    "Summerhouse Point. The Summerhouse was built in around 1730 by the Seys family. The Summerhouse is octagonal and set within an octagonal enclosure. The wall with its two turrets would have provided shelter for the enclosure and there would have been fine views out across the channel. The adjoining cottage was occupied by the caretaker and the building was still inhabited in the 1920s. Surrounding the Summerhouse is an Iron Age fort dated 700BC to 100AD. The fort has several ramparts and is semi-circular with the sheer sea cliff on the South side. For more details see The Story of Summerhouse Point - a leaflet in the Glamorgan Heritage Coast series."