Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writing and not writing ...

The South-West Corner of my Work Room
Work that lets one avoid other work can be such a comfort. … So, I’m supposed to be writing, and I have done some. But I’m in a lot of distress today and not really in the mood. I’m taking breaks, filling the time by putting order back into my writing area.

I have piles of books I’ve bought over the last two weeks. None of them have a home on a self yet, though I’ve read most of them already. You understand that the room I use for most of my books, my desk, my computer and my research folders is a large square. In the middle (who knows why) is a large closet. Yup, smack in the middle. I’ve created a wall with book shelves so there is now a short hallway where it was once open space. Walk down that hall and you pass double doors into a storage area. Once upon a time it was a coal bin. Now it has electrical utilities and a sink and storage shelves. Past that are the north stairs. At the foot of the stairs one finds my, “okay I bought these books but I don’t know where to put them yet” book shelves. Most of these are going on that shelf for now.

Want a sample? I’m happy to oblige: 1. Buff: A Collie; 2. The Keeper of the Bees; 3. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island; 4. The Littlest Rebel (photo-drama edition with pictures from the silent film); 5. The Black Thumb Mystery (Ken Holt story); 6. Tall Men; 7. The Sheik; 8. Doctor Hudson’s Secret Journal.

Those are all oldies. I like old fiction, even badly written old fiction. Reading this stuff has introduced me to some sterling but mostly forgotten writers such as the Canadian author Ralph Connor. I love his books. If I see one reasonably priced it goes in my cart.

I read an immense amount of fantasy and science fiction. In my “I bought it and read it and I’m going to keep it but where the heck am I going to put it” pile are: 1. M. Lacky, Exile’s Honor. 2. Brown: The Unlikely Ones (This was fun to read); 3. Bujold: Diplomatic Immunity. (Ann McCaffrey said, “Boy can she write.” I agree.) 4. Saberhagen: The Lost Swords – Second Triad. (so so, but I’m keepin’ it.)

So … I spent a part of my morning finding shelf space for these piles of books. I can now see the top of my table. Always nice to see an old friend again!

I can’t seem to work and not make and un-Godly mess. I always know I’m making progress on a project by the depth of the piles of books and file folders. But, at some point I have to clean it all up just to make sense of what I’m doing.

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  1. A warm cozy room. I imagine I could get lost there among all those books.