Thursday, March 18, 2010

That is the question ...

Are Pixies and Fairies real? Of course they are. I’ve seen both. Pixies are easier to see. We don’t exactly hide, but we can and do alter our appearance. We can walk among you, and you take us for a child at least from a distance. In closer view you may take us as an exceptionally short adult. You don’t see our wings, but they’re there.

Fairies are harder to see. They disguise themselves in ways pixies do not. If we wish to be unseen, we blend out. It’s practical invisibility. Fairies are masters of disguise. My first experience with them was surprising. I trekked into lands that used to be fairy but which are now abandoned by the large and dominant of their species. The small ones never left. They were abandoned there when Salana, an Urisk (half pixie and half fairy), gave her dagger to her mother and Talasan was slain. Great slaughter followed, and the fairy mound was abandoned, except by the small, single (and simple) minded, devious ones.

The place is over grown. On an old ordinance map one finds the word “tower.” It’s a heap of rubble, but it’s there. It takes a clever eye to see the entrance to what is below. I knew it was there. I was looking for it, and did not see it on the first visit.

But I did see the small ones. They blew as stray leaf and leaflet at my feet, losing their disguise briefly, only to return to it when they paused. Only leaves blowing in the wind, you say? There was no wind, not even the slightest breeze. They were fairy. They skittered malevolently around my feet, but they didn’t bite me. Perhaps it is my scent. I would smell of Salana, though she is dead.

She died on the Field of Blood what is for you ages ago. But I would still bear her scent; so the little ones would fear. They were never far off though. …

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  1. This could be the prologue to your book. It is full of questions begging to be asked about Salana and Talasan, about the war between pixies and fairies, and the location of the tower and the field or blood.