Saturday, March 27, 2010


Front and Back of an Envelop Mailed from Germany to France.
Four Billion Marks Postage Paid

I haven't played with my stamp collection for a long time. A few years ago I found someone's childhood album at a sale. There wasn't much in it, but it ended about 1956 and had a few interesting things. I bought it for the ten dollars asked and put it away.

I got it out this week and started cleaning it up. I won't save the original album. It's ratty and the paper is not archival. While I have many of the stamps that are in that album, I'm finding a surprising number that I don't have. This is fun.

Oh, there isn't anything rare - just some that I don't have. Most of those are from the 1940's. I don't really collect anything from the 1940's, but I do have Scott International (The Blue Binders) part two and part three. And if I run across something that fits in there, I save it.

So, what did I find? I found some interesting post-war Poland. Bits and broken sets from Norway. A few from Portugal found spaces too. There are some scattered British Colonies, mostly as singles from larger sets. I think the person who owned this album bought the old H. E. Harris packets. They were cheap and contained interesting stamps. Of course not all of them are inexpensive today. I bought a box of those once from an old time collector who thought them not worth more than the original price. I took him at his word and paid very little. He and I were both wrong. The nicest stamps to come out of this album are postally used German inflation era stamps. Used examples of some of these are hard to find.

So, this was my relaxation today. I needed it. I don't feel at all well. But ... there is always someone worse off. Shirley brought over mushroom soup and managed to drop the entire thing on her foot. Cleaning the carpet was a bit nasty, but that is manageable. (With a little help for Knobby Knees who figured out why the carpet cleaner wasn't picking up water. Who knew you had to clean out a little red filter? Pixies are supposed to know these things?) Shirley broke her toe. Heavy soup, huh? Poor Shirley.

The up-side is that the carpet by the door is all nice and clean. Bad side is Shirley limps a lot.

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