Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some people ...

This is too funny. From today's search field: "all spirits demons pixies evil get rid pixies"
This comes from the google, inc. ISP in Mountain View, California. The ultimate source is a Comcast address in Minnesota.
This person is so misguided. Pixies are not demons, though our enemies might think us so after we're through with them. We're not spirit creatures.
You can't get rid of us. We come and go as we wish.
Wake up, boy (or wicked old woman)!
His father was a Swede. His mother was ... well ... wooly.
This explains the pinup of Dolly the Sheep on his bedroom wall.

I am interested in what draws people to my blog. Unless they leave a comment, the only clue I get is in the search details. Some of my visitors are profoundly disturbed. Little Swede boy is one of those. He visits this blog to look at the photos of the little girls and boys that I post. He finds them sexually stimulating. I cannot begin to tell you how disturbing it is to me to know that the photos of cute children that I sometimes post stimulate this boy sexually.

Then there is the man in California … He never leaves a comment, but I know who he is from another context. He uses a name that reminds me of an illustrator and author of young adult books back in the early 20th Century, Hugh Pen-Dexter. It is possible that the resemblance is intentional.

When I first met this person he sat himself down in a virtual chat and protested loudly that cheating on one’s wife in a virtual environment was as bad as real life fornication. He’s now paired up with a dominatrix. He visits my blog to find information to further her abusive behavior. Of course, while he’s cheating on his wife (his expression. Remember what he said?) with his “Lady,” he’s cheating on his “Lady” with Jane what’s-her-name. So sad. Don’t believe me? You should …

I get visits from people in the Middle-East looking for photos of young Arab girls. Inevitably, if a visitor is from the Middle-East, they’re looking for something sexual, often involving very young women. It shows in the report that details their search.

One search phrase that made me laugh was “how do I get rid of pixies.” You don’t. We don’t go away unless we want to.

One person confuses me with someone who uses Deviant Art because there’s a pixie story over there. That’s not me; it’s not my writing style, and the story isn’t the story I tell. He comes in looking for “Belly Button Pixies.” He is a belly button pervert. Then there’s the man who visits – eternally hopeful that he’ll find something – searching for “boys in skirts.” That search line will bring up my blog because of a photo of a young boy in an infant dress, typical of the late 19th and early 20th Century.

One silly post on male goat behavior has led to an endless stream of visitors to that one post … some of the search terms are not printable on a PG blog … let me tell you … probably it’s all searches by little perverted boys from Sweden and their friends … Or by Mr. fan of Hugh Pen-Dexter. He pixel fornicates with his Lady … and that’s doing about the same thing as that for which these people search.

I get many visitors for the antique photos. I have some exceptionally nice regulars. Some talented writers and artists visit my blog … and I get more than my share of the truly odd, mentally disjointed and corrupt.

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  1. I often wonder which category you put me. I am odd and disjointed at times, but I hope my days of moral corruption are far behind me now.

    No, I am one of your loyal fans who loves the fact that I play some small part in your life. I read your posts, I love your stories, and the photos you include are always interesting to look at.

    The Swede boy, the Lady Who Isn't, H P-D, and the other perverts who roam cyberspace have their own sick motives for visiting, and it has nothing to do with your writings. The other visitors are looking for deviant content, but perhaps they discover something else unexpected in your blog that is better. I don't know.

    You are a writer and as such you share parts of your life with us. I am happy that, in return with my comments, I am part of your life in my own way.

    Love and Peace