Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pixie War

'Ever so long ago, the Pixies were at war with the mine spirits •who live underground all about the forests and the wild hill-country round. Now, the Pixies being perfectly harmless, and withal good natured to excess, weren't at all a match for the evil-nurtured earth demons, who were always forging all kinds of fearful weapons in their underground armouries, and overcoming their poor little foes by all manner of unfair and unexpected stratagems. But the Pixie queen of those days being, like all women, fertile in resources, bethought her of a means of escape from the unbearable tyranny of the oppressors. Ever since the days of Merlin, running water, the numbers three and •even, and the mysteries of the emblematic circle, have been sure protections against the machinations of the foul fiend and his allies. And the fairy queen, like a wise woman, recollected this fact, and like a wiser woman, applied it; for she assembled all her subjects, and bade them build on the summit of this, central Exmoor peak that strange circle which you have seen to-day. But it was no common building this, for with every stone and tarr that the builders hud, they buried the memory of some kindly deed which, the good Pixies had done to the race of men; and so, when the magic ring was completed, the baffled demons raved and plotted in vain around its sacred enclosure. Nor was thia all, for when the grey morning broke upon that first night of victory and repose, as the driving mists rolled upwards, and swept along the hill-tops like the advanced guard of a victorious army' … from the summit of the fairy fortification there rose ring after ring of faintest amber-tinted vapour, and floated away in the brightening sky, each on its own mission of safety and of peace.

' For these tiny wreathlets wandered hither and thither all over the broad expanse of the Exmoor country, and wherever the grass was greenest and softest, and the neighbouring stream sang most merrily, and the sunlight was purest, and the moonbeams brightest, there these magic circles sank down softly on the level sward, and left no traces behind them of what they had been, or whence they had journeyed.

' But from each soft restiugplace there sprang a ring of greenest grass, which flourished and grew year by year, and within whose safe enclosure the Pixies danced on moonlight nights in peace and security, unharmed by the demon rout, who were never seen above ground after that memorable morning. So you see that kind hearts and actions do not go unrewarded, even in other spheres than our own. -- Frazier's Magazine, Vol. 56, 1857, page 491.

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  1. The author here seems to use pixie and fairy interchangeably. Were they related at one time in your story line?

    Or are your fairies more like the mine spirits here, creatures with dark, malevolent hearts that hate pixies simply because they dwell on the surface although they have there caves where they keep their artifacts and precious items.

    I love the magic of the pixie (or fairy) rings where pixies can dance in complete safety.