Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The village of Sheeps Tor, Devon. A known haunt of Pixies.

It's Spring. Spring must mean it's time to clean all the kitchen cupboards. So, I am doing that. This is not fun, but it is interesting. I did one cupboard today. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's a lot. I washed all the plates. These aren't what we use every day. There's an old set of Poppytrail that Shirley gave me. They're from the 1950's I think. .... hold on, i'll see if I can find out ... Well, apparently I'm wrong. This particular pattern seems to be from the late 1940's.

Anyway, I washed it all up and put it in better order. Somehow an open spice jar got shoved behind the dishes. The spices don't go in the cupboard at all! So this is a mystery worthy of Nancy Drew. I threw it away. I also washed up and put pack some odds and ends I keep in there. Some of this stuff should go in a yard sale I suppose. There is a "Chicken of the Sea" tuna plate. It was a give away to promote that brand of tuna. One sent in six labels and twenty-five cents and received back this plate. I think I've used it twice in the time I've had it. I don't know why I keep it. This was from the 1950's. I found it in a thrift store and bought it on impulse. I may sell it. Dunno. But for now, it's back in the cupboard.

That's pretty much it, except I washed up all the plactic containers that I use for the frig and for Knobby Knees' lunches. Oh, that reminds me. I need to find him a new Thermos. He takes two to work when he's away from his office and the coffee maker. One is leaking around the seal.

I'm saving the pantry for last. I absolutely hate organizing the pantry. I may set my oldest to that task - if I can live through the moaning and groaning. I'd rather tackle the sliver polishing.

I like the feel of silver. We use silver plate dinnerware. Sounds fancy, huh? I buy the peices from thrift stores. One of the stores I visit keeps large tubs of silver plate (occasionally a stirling silver piece will slip in) in tubs. I go through and pick out things that match what I have or that I just like. It takes careful inspection because tarnish can hide wear. But it sets a nice table and I like the look and feel. Call it cheap elegance.

Anyway, I'm done with the kitchen spring cleaning for now. I may go back later and do the high cupboard that's over the stove. That takes a ladder.

Now, I'm at my computer, of course, and thinking about writing a bit more. ... I don't know why this story is so difficult. I think I want to drive back up river and visit my "field of blood" location. The name is iffy. I know a similar term is in the Gospels. I may change it if I can think of a better name for the place.

Verizon is pulling away from it's email partners. My verizon/yahoo is dead though I keep the same email address. Verizon's email portal is poor. I'll miss the yahoo access. I can't get a wardancing pixie mail at yahoo because the name is taken ... by me ... and i messed up the password, and can't remember the exact postal code from when I singed up for it way back when. We were umm "over there" when I signed up and I used one of three "foreign" postal codes none of which I can now remember or retreive. They won't let me in and they won't let me use the name again. Dirty!

I talked to a friend of mine who was recalled to active duty three years ago. He's about ready to retire, if they let him. He's been back and forth to Iraq and Afghanistan several times. I'll be happy if he returns home to stay. He's showing his age.

I'm still playing with the scrap stamp album I wrote about earlier. I'm really surprised at what I'm finding. As I said before, there is nothing really scarce, but there have been some really nice surprises.

Okay, I have things to do, words to write, frowns to frown, deep thought to think, laughs to laugh and jibes to throw.


  1. Which spice?

    Nancy Drew and the case of the missing jar of nutmeg?

    I've been scanning Google Earth for field. I'll find it soon.

  2. oh, my ... detective harry on the case!

    The field touches the Columbia River. That's one heck of a long river.

    The spice was green and fuzzy and old. Call it old spice ... giggle.

  3. I found the field, with a little help from a pixie. I had looked so far to the north that I stumbled on the Handford Nuclear site. Talk about a land having an eerie glow!! But that's another story.

    Every since you started writing about the family home in Westwood, I have wondered where you lived and tried to piece together clues. I started with the clues in "Too Soon Goodbye" and worked my way north from Westwood along the Columbia.

    I have it narrowed down to approximately 500 square miles of country I have never seen. Unless you send me a Christmas card next year, that's the best I can do.

    BTW Old Spice is my favorite. Haha, how did you know?