Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guest Post: Maggie!

My name is Maggie Mustico. I am a Voice Over Artist, Singer, and Actress. I have had the privilege of voicing the Audio Book “Pixie Warrior” by Rachael deVienne.

I was thrilled when Rachael asked me to write a guest blog and relay my experience in doing the narration for her book, “Pixie Warrior”.

How it all started:
I was approached by Action Audio to be on file as a narrator for their audio books. When I saw there was a posting for a Narrator needed for Pixie Warrior I went to the link provided and ... I loved it! I was drawn to it. I knew I had to narrate this book......So, submitted a sample of the prologue. After a short wait for a response, I was thrilled to learn I received the job I began work as soon as I received the full book.

It all starts with familiarizing ones self with the book. I usually take a couple weeks just to read and re-read the book, making notes on how many characters there are, where they appear and what their purpose is within the story. I also make a list of any names of characters, places, andvocabulary for which I need correct pronunciation.

Science Fiction / Fantasy books contain a lot of creative names and words that the authors pull from their incredible imagination. There were a lot of these in “Pixie Warrior” including a short song in Pixie language. Rachael was wonderful in explaining how each name was to be pronounced.

I take the list of characters - and notes I‘ve made regarding each character - and create the voices that I will use to distinguish them within the book. For “Pixie Warrior” I had at least thirty-four different characters. It was a daunting but exciting challenge. I fell in love with the story and with the characters -- especially the Pixie Warrior herself, Sha’el.

The story of the “Pixie Warrior” is told by Sha’el, so the entire book is in character. Besides the voice of Sha’el, some other favorite-character voices I created were for Mother Dragon, Cookie, and Old Mother Lai. I found Old Mother Lai to be fun and feisty for an Elder Pixie!

I always record from the beginning and work my way through the book. Each chapter can take many hours of work. This includes recording, doing some re-records if needed, and any editing.

I not only recorded the narration but meticulously edit what I record with editing software in my Professional Home Studio. I even sang in three of the chapters (two prophecies and one short pixie song. ) Action Audio provided me with the background music; I in turn wrote the vocal music notes for the songs, sang and recorded them and laid the music underneath the vocal tracks.

It was a very rewarding experience. I had a lot of fun being drawn into the world of the “Pixie Warrior.” Thank you Rachael!!

It’s a fun & fantastic story! Check it out at where you can purchase a download of the audio book “Pixie Warrior,” read by Me -- Maggie Mustico.

You will be mighty glad you entered the world that Rachael de Vienne created in “Pixie Warrior”.

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~ Maggie Mustico


  1. I loved this post -- your work sounds fascinating, Maggie! Before reading this, I never stopped to think how much work goes into creating an audiobook, where all the 'silent' words on paper have to be given a unique voice.

    I will definitely check out Pixie Warrior, and look forward to hearing your voice version of the amazing variety of 34 characters!


  2. Hi Maggie, great work. I'm glad you enjoyed doing Pixie Warrior. I hadn't heard your voice before. You're very talented. Sha'el was a fun character to publish.

  3. Maggie,

    Deena is Drollerie Press publisher and my Editor. Notice the captial E. ... She's really good.

  4. Maggie, thank you for the "behind the scenes" look at the work you did on Pixie Warrior. You have a unique profession, and you explain it so well!