Saturday, January 16, 2010

Using Google is like sucking a lemon

Google is too big for its britches. Blogger/blogspot is an example. Yes, I know I’m using a blogspot account. You can produce a decent blog using it. Getting help from google is impossible, especially if your copyrighted work is being used on another blog. Some of my friends are being harassed by the same blog owner.

Read the complaint form details. Google’s complaint form is crafted so as to be unresponsive and discourage your complaint. They don’t want to hear from you, find you less than interesting, and hope you go away.

There are two ways around that. If your work is being stolen, your private conversations posted online or anything similar, you may get a court order. Google pays attention to them. You can use small claims court to do this. Google tends to overlook small claims court proceedings and the decisions of the court are as binding on them as if you’d filed suite in District Court, or what ever that’s called in your state.

Also, most states have consumer complaint forms through the State Attorney General’s web site. Use the form. There is nothing like receiving a formal complaint from a state’s Attorney General to open sleepy eyes.

Google is not irredeemably wicked. It’s just stupid.

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