Friday, January 22, 2010

The Skip ...

During slack time at work, I turn on my radio. I'm always fascinated by the variety of stations and the distance from which their signal comes. Tonight I pulled in radio RJ 1200 from Vancouver, British Columbia. I've gotten radio from further away, but none more interesting.

They call themselves Vancouver's #1 Bolywood Station and play unremitting Indian music of that sort. Some of it is quite good, and some of it put me off. But I listenend.


  1. Ok I'm going to show my age here. When I was growing up during the 60s AM radio was king. Where I lived my favorite top 40 station, 60 miles to the east faded out at sunset. The local 5000 watt daytime station when off the air at 6 PM.

    If it wasn't for the Skip, my nights would have been bland. I grew up in the Tidewater region of Virginia, but my favorite stations at night were WABC in New York with Cousin Brucie, KDKA is Pittsburg, WLS in Chicago, and WKBW in Buffalo. These stations blanketed the East Coast with rock and roll.

    When the Skip was good you could listen to the same station all night long. When it was bad, you were turning the dial again and again searching for a station playing any of the music that your parents hated.

    Now we have FM radio, HD radio, and satellite radio. I miss the Skip.

  2. my gramma had an old 1930's consol radio that still worked. It got everything including short wave. I have no idea how old the tubes were, but it was a fantastic radio. It got me hooked on finding distant stations.

    The most distant (from here) that i've gotten recently are from Manitoba and Ontario and Mexico. I usually only pick up stations on the West Coast and Utah and Idaho. But some nights are just perfect.

    There is a good solid rock and roll station from Indiana. I found it twice; then I never heard them again. The Rocky Mountains are between us and them. So that's not surprising. On a good night there is a station at each stop on the AM dial.

    Gramma's old radio is still alive. It belongs to my cousin Bob. It came down to a choice between the Queen Ann Table and the Radio. I took the table. Sometimes I'd like that radio instead.