Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I’m “thinking” today. Who knows? That could be the cause of my headaches! I’m stuck in the early part of a story, and I’m trying to wade through a mass of conflicting research material that I’m reading for the history book Bruce and I are writing. I am unhappy with both things. The story is about Timothy and Sha’Jael. I have them past a kiss and into the first stages of a communal dance. I’ve introduced one new character. I don’t know if she will play a larger part, though I suspect she will. I didn’t intend to add this character. She just popped out of the story.

I intend to send Tim and Fitz-roi on a quest. I had one in mind when I started writing. I’ve tentatively rejected it, though I may go back to it. So, I’m running alternatives through my mind. I don’t like any of them. And I have this huge information dump in three paragraphs. That simply has to go. I’ll continue to cogitate, but I don’t see anything hitting paper until the weekend.

The historical material presents other problems. When we started writing book two of this series, we went into it with fairly set ideas about one of the principals. We have both researched him for years. Our ideas are evolving. Some of the information we’ve uncovered makes me sad, but the man himself more human. There are many out there who will not like some of what we will say because they see him as a bit god-like. Probably when I was in my teens I shared something of that view without really identifying it as unrealistic.

His life created controversy and continues to generate it nearly 100 yeas after his death. Our approach is to be scrupulously honest with the original material. Probably the main problem we face is the lack of candor and solid research in earlier histories.

I’ve also been planning a second class for next year. (oh … I’m not sure those who read this know I teach middle and high school students in a special program for partly home-schooled and distance learners. The program is school district run and very flexible. It’s a great program.) The class will focus on historical research and writing, focusing on each student’s family. We’re calling it Your Family in World History.

We hope to accomplish three things: Give the students experience using original sources; Help them develop narrative writing skills, and help them connect history to their own life. They will get a taste of genealogical research too. The syllabus should be done by next Monday.

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