Friday, January 29, 2010

Jael and Timmy

Just a bit more in rough draft only:

“Jael?” I spoke her name softly, using the same tone I’d learned to use with wounded animals.

Nothing, not even a sigh, came from her.

“Jael,” I repeated. This time it wasn’t a question. I touched her cheek and gently lifted her head. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she turned her head away.

“What’s wrong, Jael?”

She said nothing. I tried to coax her head toward me, and she shook off my hand.

“Jael?” I spoke more emphatically.

“You’ll marry now … and it wont’ be … it won’t be me. … “ She said it so softly I had trouble hearing it. “You … are the age …” She swept the air with her hand. “All the unwinged find mates. You will marry Isabella, and I’ll die.”

I wanted to ask her if all pixies were so full of nonsense, but I already knew that answer.

“I have no intention of marrying anyone right now. I’ve got the blood of all four houses in me. I may not have wings, but I’ve got the blood – and just enough Pixie nonsense – to keep me alive for a long time. And I’ve got enough pixie sense to know that turning fourteen did not change me from boy to man, even if it does them.”

I copied her sweeping gesture. She didn’t raise her eyes to see it, but it wasn’t wasted; she followed the shadow of it.

“But when you marry … it won’t be me …”

It’s hard to explain just what those plaintive words did to me. I’d spent the last seven years fending off her claims on me. I’d been alternatively flattered and annoyed. I liked her. She was companionable most days, and we’d shared lots of adventures. Her one flaw was insisting that she and I were destined to marry.

I ran my fingers through her untended hair and pulled a bit of plant dross from her wings. “You’re a pitiful mess,” I said. And then I did the most unaccountable thing. I kissed her. I lifted her little chin and kissed her tear salted lips.

Understand that we’d kissed before – but not like this. They were little pecks. She was prone to kissing my cheek and flying off, and I kissed her forehead once. But this was … a kiss.

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  1. i love the way the parts of this story are developing ,i cant wait to see what else is going to happen. keep it up Sha' :)