Monday, January 25, 2010

Findin' Stuff

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I bought a huge pile of old religious booklets from an eBay seller just to get one booklet. I wanted a controversialist booklet by J. R. Reid entitled How Russellism Subverts the Faith. Most of this booklet is doctrinal. It’s historical worth rests in a footnote. I have a photocopy, but I prefer to have originals when possible. So, this came today, along with a huge pile of other junk.

Now junk is interesting. I always look through the extraneous stuff I get in a large lot. Most of it will find another home. I take it into a large bookstore with an evaluation and they give me credit and post the material on This works well for both of us.

Sometimes I find a gem in the scrap. This group was largely Baptist. I don’t research Baptists past the 1790’s. My interests rest with non-conforming Baptists of the early 18th Century. So as interesting as these tracts may be to others, they don’t interest me. That accounts for eleven of the booklets.

I have a small pile of things I’ll keep. These include a booklet by J.N.D. entitled The Dispensation of the Kingdom of Heaven. J.N.D. is John Nelson Darby. He’s on the edge of what I research. This copy lacks its back cover, but it’s exceptionally rare as a first printing. I’m happy to have it. I found an unusual and scarce pamphlet by Philip Mauro on the nature of Christ’s Kingdom. It’s undated, though probably about 1900 by the printing style. While it doesn’t directly meet my research needs, I will keep this one too.

Defilement and Wickedness: Are They Equivalent? by F. C. Jennings will go into my pile of “oh, how interesting; let’s keep it” stuff. An anti-Catholic booklet from 1912 will go into the same pile. Neither is relevant to what I research, but I find them interesting.

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