Monday, December 28, 2009

Timmy, Sha'Jael and King Edward

I’m taking a break from the history book Bruce and I are working on. We both need time to reconsider our approach. That happens when the trail of historical evidence goes in unexpected directions. So we’re giving it a rest for a month or two.

I’m well into a new pixie book. Umm that’s probably an exaggeration. I have made a good start on it. I’m tentatively calling it Pixie Tails and Other Stories. (Notice: I do mean Tails and not Tales.)

I have bits of stories I started as novels that just didn’t make the grade, but they’re good stories. I’m putting them in short story format, maybe a few of them will be longer. I’m nearly done with the first draft of what will be story two. I haven’t decided on a title, though I’m leaning toward “Estephan” or “The Knights’ Tale.”

Stories take on a life of their own. Any writer knows this. This one popped out two unexpected characters, and I’ll write a story or two with them as the focus. Timothy (no one calls him Timmy except Sha’Jael, a newly-born pixie who is already determined that she will marry him someday.) is seven years old, tow headed, mischievous and the un-winged son of a pixie. Sha’jael is his feisty tag along. She has the Sha attitude down to her toe nails. Want a bit?

She and Timothy confront King Edward and his two companions. Edward is seeking his bastard son whom he fears has gone missing. He rides into a complex situation. Timothy misdirects him until the village is ready for them. Pixies are alerted. You need to know that the king’s riders have with them a crazed priest, made insane by a pixie bite that will eventually kill him. He was one of three gray robes that burned a pixie’s human granddaughter as a witch. Bad idea that!

From the story:

All pixies are a bit impetuous. Pixie babies are even more so, and though my cousins of the House of Sha would dispute it, Sha babies are the most impetuous of all. Sha’Jael fluttered down from the oak where she’d hidden and landed toes first on Tim’s shoulder, and many things happened.

“Demons!” the priest screamed.

“A fairy!” The king was awestruck and meant no insult. Everyone knows fairies are nasty things, just as all know that pixie and fairy are locked in battle until the last judgment.

Jael hissed at the King, displaying teeth grown long and sharp for the hunt.

The knight with the crossbow loosed the bolt at Timothy. Faster than most eyes can see, Jael was off Timothy’s shoulder and had the bolt in hand.

She hovered in front of the king, rage on her face. Her voice was raised, and from a pixie baby that means it was squeaky. “One of your men lost this. I return it to you. Loose another at my Timmy and I’ll make you all bleed. Timmy is mine. … And I am NO foul and stinking fairy.” She made a rude very rude face, something involving squinting eyes and a protruding tongue. “I am PIXIE, twelfth princess of the House of SHA; and you will not call me fairty!”

The king made a half mocking, half serious bow. “My abject apologies, Princess.”

Jael fluttered close to the king’s face – too close for his companion’s comfort. One urged his horse forward and batted at her. She darted up and back. The riders moved forward. Someone shouted, and a hail of arrows – well aimed arrows – struck the ground in front of them. They reigned to a sudden halt.

… So that’s that bit. I like this little pixie and I like Timothy. So does King Edward. Later we have this:

Sha’jael for all her scolding (and hissing) attached herself to Edward. She danced on his table, sat on his hand or shoulder, flirted shamelessly, and in the process taught him more about pixies and their human relations than any amount of pedanticism could have.

When I walked into the dining hall the men were focused on a conversation between King Edward and Jael and Timothy.

“So, it’s all settled. You are betrothed to young Timothy?”

“I’ve chosen him,” she said with considerable finality.

Timothy rolled his eyes. “She’s a baby,” he said “and silly.”

“Tim is not as certain as you are, Princess.”

“He will be,” she said. “I’ll be fully grown in a year. He’ll see.”

“See what, My Lady?”

“I’ll be irresistibly pretty. All the Sha are. He’ll be smitten.”

The king slapped his knees and the others laughed. Sha’jael blew a kiss to Tim and wing colored a gorgeous and flirty pink, going quickly to emerald.

Timothy blushed, and the laughter grew. “You’re not even two months old. You’ll change your mind,” Tim was tolerant, even a bit condescending.

“… won’t,” she said.

“You’ll only be as tall as you’ll get by year’s end, but not mature for at least twenty years after.”

“… I’ll be gorgeous.”

Timothy paused. “I can see you will be. …” Her wings turned pink again. “But most pixies don’t mate until after one hundred years at least. … I’ll be old or dead.”

“You have too much pixie blood for that.” She crossed her arms. “Besides, I don’t have to wait. … “

“Hopeless!” Timothy threw up his hands.

“So that’s a ‘yes’ then?” the king asked to laughter.

Tim paused again, looked the pouty Jael up and down and sighed. “That’s a maybe.”

The knight’s laughter turned to a loud roar.

Anyway … that’s bits of the story in rough draft. Now I find a separate adventure for Timothy and Jael. It’s not what I planned, but then writing seldom goes exactly as one envisions. That’s as true for historical research as it is for fiction.

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  1. its a greatpart of a story line Sha'el,you can certainly have a lot of fun with the banter between Timmy and Sha'jael and there are nice openings for some good adventures .keep it up ,it will e a good one :)