Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yipee! Not Yipee. And so so ...

I located a book I needed for my research. I found a copy in a Canadian library and was getting ready to send for it on interlibrary loan. So ... I was preparing to download the bibliographic information from World Cat (formerly OCLC - Ohio Catalogue of Library Catalogues) and found that the book had been digitalized and was downloadable. So, while I'd love to own the book, I simply downloaded it.

It will change two paragraphs in chapter five of the history book I'm working on. That might not sound like much, but the changes are important. I haven't finished reading the book, so there may be more changes. This may not be exciting to you, but it is to me. I emailed the file to my writing partner. We'll compare notes sometime next week.

I found other things this week too. I found an obituary in a magazine. It added interesting detail to a profile. I found two listings of a periodical in magazine directories, one of which proved who owned the magazine. That question had become something of an issue.

I work tonight, a twelve hour shift. I'm sick. I'll have to work sick. This is not new. I hope it's a calm night free from drama. It will be a strong coffee night, I think. One thing I like about night is being able to walk outside and enjoy a part of the day people seldom see. Do you ever look at the sky? At night? If you doubt there is a creator, the night sky should remove the doubts.

I also like night air. I usually find time to make a walk around outside with one of the security staff. To the south of us and a ways to the north, the neighbourhoods are less than desirable. That those areas have become the haunt of drug addicts and cheap whores makes security an essential here. It also means one sees some interesting things, even is one doesn't want to see them.

I think the thing I like best about my job is being able to watch families interact with each other. I love children. I love my own and enjoy watching them. Our guests' children seem to like me instantly. I've had them come up to me and put out their arms to be held. This is always so surprising.

I take a tablet to work, noting miscellaneous things: bits of dialogue, notes on gestures, observation on life, and if I have time, I add to the story I'm writing.


I got my hair trimmed.

The lawn sprinklers are working now. This is good.

My mate is going to be gone most of next week. This is not good.

I finally got my ice cream. But I'm out of coffee. I'll get some tomorrow. For today I begged my friend Lorena for some. She made a full pot and we gossiped. Nice.

Arpita is still down with allergies. She’s been in bed most of the day and she’s cranky. She's going on a trip next week too. I made sure she has a new inhaler. I'll be nervous the entire time she is gone.

I want to go down to the nature preserve and walk along the river. I think we'll hunt for agates.

I'm pondering the aggressively stupid attitude of a group of gay young men who haunt hotel row. They're close to being banned from more than one place. Before I make that decision, I'd like to understand the mentality. We tolerate a lot here. We are customer oriented. But when you intrude into the pleasure of others, you cross the line. Don’t get me wrong. They can make what decisions they want when it comes to their sexuality. I don’t care, as long as they leave my goats alone. They may not broadcast rudeness into our environment. The same rules exist for all. You may not be an idiot here. Well, you may not be an intrusive idiot.

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