Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Social Terrorism

Earlier I refused to approve a comment. Instead, I am making it the topic of this post. In keeping with the spirit of poison-pen authors and cowards everywhere, the person who submitted it chose to remain anonymous. This particular coward lives in South Korea.

I apologize for making you endure her incredibly bad grammar and her inexact use of words. Anonymity gave her freedom to express herself, but not the ability to do it well. In response to the post entitled Unjust Crowds, Miss Anonymous wrote:

This is a thinly disguised self-applaud: "Look at me I'm a great person. I do all these nice things. I was uber nice to theses fat smelly poor people because I didn't tell them they don't have any redeeming qualities." You can't treat a person like a human if you don't see one. You don't have to say "hey, your dirt under my shoe," for people to get the message. (Why did you think you got the evil?) They're poor, dirty and foul mouthed, but they're genuine. You're wealthy, clean, judgmental, and fake. Everyone's shit stinks, including yours. But in this case, the stench coming off of you is foul.

She believes I elevated myself at the expense of others. She excuses their social terrorism on the basis of human genetics. Human genetics do not make one civilized or worthy of respect. There is no inherent honor in the human state. Those about whom I wrote pollute society with their foul words, bad deeds, and uncaring approach to others.

I weigh eighty-eight pounds. Being pinned to a wall by a leg that weighed more than I do was assault. I am supposed to respect the man who does this because his parents were human?

This person’s response to my post is social terrorism. It seeks in the name of social equality to eliminate standards of behavior. It seeks a barbarous civilization where the vulgar, the gluttonous, the socially irresponsible are allowed to foul human society simply because they breathe and have the bulk to force themselves on others.

These people are “real.” To that statement I will agree. Theirs is not a valid existence. Tolerating socially destructive behavior has created the world in which we live, a world where the air we breathe is perfumed with the scent of unreasoned toleration of wickedness.

Am I intolerant? Certainly. I do not tolerate socially intrusive and destructive behavior -- and neither should you. You get the society you deserve. If you see as acceptable, -as ‘real’- one who flaunts her whorish behavior, you approve of her acts. If you see the piggish behavior of a glutton who shoves a small woman into a wall so he can spread legs too fat to hold in a more modest position as ‘real’, then you accept a reality that terrorizes the innocent. You promote the behavior by your approval of it. You promote the behavior by refusing to judge it adversely.

Miss Anonymous ends by saying I’m fake. She means that it is my rejection of bad, unthinking and whorish behavior that should be found socially invalid. She thinks I should respect the vulgar, gluttonous and sluttish because they are human. This is silly, and that she made her comments anonymously shows she is uncomfortable with her own beliefs.

Finding all human behaviors equal on the basis of eliminatory function is ridiculous. This inexact thought covers an inability to plainly state her belief and support it with cogent arguments. She wants me to extend to barbarians what she will not extend to me.

She claims I am rich, suggesting that I’m not rejecting bad behavior but denigrating the poor. In truth I am not much better off than most of those there. Some drove newer and better cars than I do. Some talked on cell phones and blackberries more expensive than I can afford. The person who wrote this bit of foolishness is guilty of the very thing of which I am accused. If there is feculence here, it is in this person’s acceptance of barbarism and socially destructive behavior.

One can be poor and civilized. There are many reasons why one may be poor. There are no valid reasons for social terrorism. That she finds the selfish, slothful, drug addicted, whoring and gluttonous people of this world ‘real’ makes her and those who believe as she does responsible for their acts. She consents to their behavior. So she approves of it.

Her jealousy of the rich reveals her to be part of the vast herd of social terrorists who would pull down civility and rightness. She wishes the world to wallow in the filth she finds “real” and acceptable. She rejects judgmentalism in favor of acceptance of any behavior. This leaves no moral or ethical underpinning to society. One could not judge pedophiles, murderers, or any type of foul antisocial behavior.

If you are the author of this vulgar and stupid comment, you are welcome to reply – provided that you sign your reply with your verifiably real name.

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  1. Whew! It is not just a pixie's teeth that are sharp. So is her tongue!

    Not to defend the anonymous comment, but obviously she (he?) has not read your complete blog or he would have realized that you are a writer and you are commenting and describing life as you see it. That is what you do.

    Any of us who must deal with the public endure crude and uncivilized behavior; either because it is part of our job, or because we do not want to be drawn into their petty existences. What anonymous also doesn't understand, but you and I do, is that these people often take advantage of our civility to try to manipulate us into giving them products, services, or benefits that they do not deserve. We may simply do it because it is the route of least resistance.

    I deal with children seven hours a day. Most of them are generally well behaved, do their work, and treat each other fairly. But there is always that small percentage that are distasteful to be around -- rude, disrespectful, dishonest, untrustworthy, and disobedient.
    These are the ones who yell the loudest in class, bully others in the halls, do the least work, and complain constantly that they get no respect and that we have violated their rights. Calling home does little good because the parents are often merely larger versions of the child.

    Being a public institution, we continue to attempt to educate these children until they either graduate, transfer out, get old enough to dropout, or are turned over to the court system. All that time they have resisted learning manners and civility or much of anything else. Some will go to their graves blaming the world for all their problems and never taking any responsibility for their own words or actions.