Thursday, June 18, 2009

Resurrecting Things

My redo-project in the room we used to use for storage continues. Sometime I feel as if I’m only shuffling things around; it’s going so slowly. I found a table with two small drawers. I don’t remember it from any of Gramma’s houses, but it must have come from there. It is slightly damaged, but it’s still attractive. It cleaned up easily enough. I put it near the large window.

I found a lamp with a clear crystal base. It was in Gramma’s bedroom for a while. I remember it well. It went on the table, along with a vintage baby picture. It’s one of my mystery photos. I haven’t a clue who that was, but it’s a pretty, alert, and active baby girl. The photo is probably from about 1910.

I also found some of the old decorative tins that everyone saved for a while. I put one of those on the table. It’s a Hostess Fruit Cake tin. I checked online and the one place that dated it placed it in the 1940’s. Based on the design, I think that it’s probably from the late 1930’s. I stole a photo of one from the Internet. Mine is smaller, but it’s the same design.

It’s frustrating to me that selecting this table, cleaning it, and putting a Battenberg Lace doily, one photo and one small tin on it took me most of the morning. At this rate I’ll be old and nearly in my grave before the room is finished.

I need my mate to remove a pile of boxes that I want taken to the Goodwill Store. That will really help.

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