Thursday, June 18, 2009

Denver and Such ...

I've been to Denver, though not since I was quite young. It was a fun place to visit. We stayed with friends while my family attended a conference. They lived near what was once a large Catholic orphanage; I forget the name. Later I ran across a magazine article published in the 1940's that reported on an abuse scandal connected with it. I don't remember the details and they're not relevant to this post.

Behind their house was a stream that ran in a narrow ditch. I lay on my stomach fishing out bits of history: broken crockery, an old cork top bottle, bits of rusted iron. I got wet up to my shoulder and a "what if you'd fallen in?" scolding, though it was a mild one. We stopped at a thrift shop, I recall. My mom bought a depression era bowl. I inherited it. It's very pretty.

We came home from that trip with an antique cake plate too. That came to me also. It's lovely. I remember very clearly when we got it and where. We stopped in Loveland to see friends. The woman we stayed with gave it to us. Mom had it in the tall, narrow china cabinet in the dinning room for years.

We had a little dog then. It made the trip with us. She was a well behaved little thing, part toy poodle and part Chihuahua. She looked like a Silky Terrier. When I first got sick, she spent days on my bed. She'd walk up the length of my body and look me in the eye just to make sure I was still breathing. I miss her. She died of old age years ago.

I get an occasional blog hit from Denver. They seem to come from the same person, judging by the IP address. Stop in and say, "Hi, Pixie!" ... Unless your first name is Kristen ... Then you're not welcome here at ALL. And you know why.

Other stuff:

For a break from the room make-over project, I weeded the front garden and pruned a tree. The tree is a flowering Dogwood. It's blooms are white, tinged with pink. It's an old, pretty tree with a habit of growing new branches out of the trunk. You have to snip them back or it turns into a wild bush.

I got stung by a bug of unknown sort. Owie!

Weeds are rude creatures. They never know their place, which isn't in my yard or garden! Bad, weeds! Bad!

I need my nails done.

I need vanilla ice cream and coffee. Try dunking a spoon full at a time in hot black coffee. Nummy.

Arpita's allergies are bad today. Poor thing. She has been in bed most of the morning and used her inhaler once.

I finished a re-write on part one of a story I'm writing. I'm mostly satisfied. Not quite.

I've gotten an inordinate amount of German-language spam. It's all for porn or computer programs. If I want to see a naked woman, I'll stand in front of a mirror, thank you very much. ... Or just look out my upstairs window at 11 pm. My neighbour has no shame! ... Which might be interested, except she's icky, and I don't mean just looks. She and her children are incipiently criminal.

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